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Foot fetish * humiliation * Financial Dom * Goddess Worship

Olivia Darling

 About me.

I have been referred to as pretty English posh totty with come to bed eyes and Latino looks. I am often changing my hair colour and currently have blonde hair.

I have large bouncy breasts with big brown nipples which are very sensitive, a curvy feminine figure, shapely legs that end in a pert little bottom and a luscious sensual mouth 

I am a friendly , openminded, intelligent woman. Confident and strong willed.

You will find you very quickly feel at ease in my company and feel free to share your desires and wishes with me in order to make them a reality. 


I provide foot fetish and slave training / role-play/ humiliation / goddess worship and financial domination or any mixture of the above.

If you just want to worship my beautiful feet for an hour then no problem I shall be charming and lovely and let you enjoy to your hearts content. If you want to be used as my personal slave or teased and humiliated or made to do things that make you feel like a very naughty boy indeed then fabulous ;-)

I adore role-play. I am a trained actress and am happy to play any dominating role.

I am not a *hard* Dom. I will not do anything that may badly bruise or damage. I provide a humiliating or goddess style service ( your choice) rather than sadistic domination.

****Please be aware**** I am not an escort and will not perform sexual acts on you..

Base fee of £100 half/£150 hour is for foot/body worship only.

Massage, kiss, suck, lick, my feet/ pantyhose/ shoes, legs, bottom, thighs etc breath in my heady scent in to your hearts content. I will relax and enjoy whilst perhaps reading or working on my laptop stopping occasionally to direct you as to what I want. I will not touch you sexually but if you please me for an additional fee I may let you rub your cock between my soles and very good boys may cum over my feet.

£150 half/£200 hour +

Domination/ roleplay / Humiliation

When contacting me please give me a FULL OUTLINE of exactly what you want so that I can either agree a price or decline as quick and easily as possible so as not to waste either of ours time.

Can I take you for dinner or out socially?


Pamper me and worship me to your hearts content.

But always remember I am the one in control.

Try hard to please me and if you are very good I may reward you. 

I am a well dressed and well spoken young lady who you would be proud to have me on your arm.

I can hold a full and varied conversation and when I lavish my attention on you I can make you feel like the only man in the room! :-) I like good food and wine, theatre and the arts and I really enjoy getting to know you as a person, laughter and teasing a plenty!

Looking forward to making you mine.


I am the sweet girl next door with the pretty kissable toes.

I am the teacher who punishes you by making you suck her sweaty pantyhose.

I am the bratty girlfriend you just have to obey

I am your goddess and with you I shall play.